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This is where you can go with any problems. Below, a few subjects are listed.

Printing of coloring pages doesn't work!?

Description of the problem:
After having chosen a nice coloring page, I want to print it out with my standard printer. I click on the "small" picture and see the "large" of the coloring page on my screen. After the coloring page has fully loaded, I click on the "print"-button at the top left. Unfortunately, nothing seems to come out of my printer.

Explanation of the problem:
There are particular computer configurations that make it impossible to print the coloring pages on NUKleuren with the "print"-button. About 5% of all the visitors will encounter this problem. It may also be that the coloring page has not finished loading yet. In this case, the coloring page will not print either.

Possible solutions:
1) If you see the coloring page on your screen but you can not print with the "print"-button, press the "CTRL" and the "P" on your keyboard at the same time. A new window will appear. If you click "OK" in this window, the coloring page will be printed.
2) The coloring page can not be printed yet because the page coloring page has not finished loading. Wait until the page has completely loaded before clicking the "print"-button.

Why there are no coloring pages of .... on

Description of the problem:
Because you are a big fan of a certain TV- or cartoon character, you would like to print coloring pages of these characters. You have searched everywhere, but you can't find these coloring pages anywhere. Why doesn't have coloring pages of...?

Explanation of the problem
Because all well known TV- and cartoon characters are protected by copyright, may not place coloring pages without permission from the rightholders. has done its best to gain permission from the rightholders. Unfortunately, we have not been given permission for all wel known coloring pages. This is why we don't have coloring pages of these TV- and cartoon characters.

Possible solutions:
1) will continue to try to get permission to place these coloring pages. However, this is a very time consuming and complex process, which makes it hard to say whether or not these coloring pages will ever be placed on 2) At the moment, has over 2000 different coloring pages on the site. Choose one of the other coloring pages to color.

The coloring page is printed on two different pages

Description of the problem:
You have chosen the coloring page that you want. After clicking on "print", the coloring page is printed over two different pages. Of course, you would like to have your coloring page on one piece of paper.

Explanation of the problem:
All coloring pages on this website are in A4 format. However, sometimes some of the coloring pages are printed over two pages. You can usually solve this problem by adjusting your "printer margins".

Possible Solutions:
You need to adapt the printer margins so that it will print broader and longer pages. Usually, by doing this, the coloring pages will fit on one page.
You can set the printer margins by adjusting the following:
1) Click on your coloring page of choice so that the "print"-button and the banner appear.
2) Go to "file" (at the top of the page under the blue bar)
3) Click on "page-settings"
4) at the bottom of the window that appears, you will see "Margins (millimeters)". Change the value to "15" for instance.
5) Click on "OK"
6) Click on the "print"-button.
Now the coloring page should be printed on one page. If it still doesn't work, try adjusting the margins to "10".